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Renzo Gracie Academy Reno


We have several separate and distinct programs designed to suit our students at different stages of their Brazilian jiu-jitsu education.


Fundamentals – laying the foundation.


This program marks the beginning of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. Students will learn to focus on mobility, coordination, body awareness, basic concepts, and beginning techniques. More advanced techniques are gradually introduced. Drilling and live training are emphasized with a focus on positional control and technique.


Classes are 60 minutes and structured around a warm-up, lessons in technique, and partner training practice.


Advanced – the path to a black belt.


This curriculum is primarily focused on sport and competitive Brazilian jiu jitsu. Students will learn both gi and no gi techniques, consolidating their knowledge and applying advanced techniques such as leg locks. Live training from feet to floor with an emphasis on takedowns and a focus on competition structure.

Classes are 90 minutes and structured around a warm-up, lessons in technique, partner practice, and live training.


Kids – building confidence and body awareness.


The children and teens curriculum is designed around building coordination, body awareness, basic concepts and techniques in a fun and engaging manner. More advanced techniques are gradually introduced. Control and technique within a competition-approved structure is emphasized.

Classes are 60 minutes and structured around a fun warm-up, a lesson in technique, games for mobility and problem-solving, and partner practice.


Ages 5-9


Kids + Teens 

Ages 10-13

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