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About the Academy

Renzo Gracie Academy has a long history founded on the shoulders of legends both here and gone. Renzo Gracie is one of those living legends from a long line of skilled Brazilian jiu jitsu founders and practitioners.




Reno Location Founded

Feb. 2018


Head Professor

Max McGarr, Renzo Gracie & John Danaher second degree black belt

Master Renzo Gracie


A true martial arts legend, Renzo Gracie is a senior member of the famous Gracie family of jiu jitsu teachers and fighters who did so much to change the shape of the current state of martial arts instruction in America. Renzo was born on March 11, 1967 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the grandson of Gracie Jiu Jitsu founder Carlos Gracie and son of 9th Dan BJJ black belt Robson Gracie, brother to Ralph and Ryan Gracie. Like most men in the Gracie family,  Renzo started training Jiu Jitsu as an infant. He had formal instruction from many of the Gracie patriarchs, but two of his biggest influences were the legendary Rolls Gracie and Carlos Gracie Jr. (the man who later awarded him his black belt).


He assembled a great team of some of the very best instructors who teach his system to a very large and ever-growing community at his world-famous New York City academy, where Reno's Head Professor, Max McGarr, spent over 16 years training and teaching under him and John Danaher.


The Renzo Gracie Academies have become renowned as some of the best academies to train, grow, and develop your skills among many avid practitioners of the sport, ranging from famous professional fighters to everyday enthusiasts.

Renzo Gracie and Max McGarr (photo by Alberto Vasari)

John Danaher


Widely regarded as one of the best grappling coaches in the world, John Danaher is a senior instructor at our Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City and has changed the grappling game with his highly detailed and thorough approach to lower body joint locks (i.e. leg locks, heel hooks).


His student and colleagues include Max McGarr, Eddie Cummings, Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, and Nicky Ryan. He also continues to work with UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre.

Renzo Video
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