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Renzo Gracie Academy


While we do have certain rules and guidelines that may seem formal, there is a reason for it. A sense of respect and discipline is necessary in any sport or martial art that may be dangerous if taken lightly. Please abide by all Academy Etiquette and advice.


  • Train to the best of your ability and put maximum effort into each lesson.

  • Be consistent and attend classes at least twice per week.

  • Be courteous and treat your peers and instructors with respect.

  • Consistently seek to improve upon the skills you are learning and commit them to muscle memory.

  • Immediately report any illness or injury to your instructor.


  • If you are late or must leave early, please inform your instructor before entering or leaving the mat as a courtesy and to avoid class disruption.

  • Adults are not required to bow or address instructors formally.

  • Children and teens ought to bow before entering onto the mat and address instructors as Professor or Coach.

  • Please remain quiet and attentive during class, especially when the instructor is talking or demonstrating a technique.


  • Help keep the academy safe and clean – clean up after yourself.

  • Deposit used rental gis in the provided laundry bin.


  • Your gi and athletic attire must be washed at home after every class, and be clean, odor-free and in good condition for every class. Do your part to keep yourself and your training partners free from infection.

  • Clean your feet and hands after entering past the front desk or prior to stepping on the mat.

  • No personal property is allowed on the mats – please remove and store any hats, jewelry, bags, and shoes in the cubbies or lockers.

  • Students must maintain good personal hygiene for the safety and comfort of themselves and their training partners.

  • Refrain from using heavily fragranced body products, perfume, body sprays, or cologne.

  • Do not train if you are ill or have a skin condition such as a rash, fungus, or ringworm. Any skin condition should be reported to the instructor prior to training.

  • Please keep fingernails and toenails short and smooth to prevent accidental injury to yourself and others.


  • Enrolled students must wear a white or blue Renzo Gracie Academy gi for gi class. No other academy or team patches may be visible on the gi.

  • Visitors and students taking a trial class may wear any brand or school gi or no-gi attire to class or open mat, as long as it is jiu-jitsu appropriate.

  • Enrolled students must wear a Renzo Gracie Academy rashguard or t-shirt with either Renzo Gracie shorts/spats or shorts/spats without any other academy or team designs visible for nogi class.

  • Students may wear a competition-grade ankle cuff of current belt rank for no-gi class.

  • All students must have their name written on their belt and inside of their gi jacket and gi pants for identification and lost + found purposes.

  • No street attire allowed on the mats.

  • No footwear (shoes, sandals, flip flops, slippers) are allowed past the front desk.


  • Leave your temper and ego at the door. Once on the mat, there is no place for bad tempers, anger, ego, or bad attitude.

  • Do not abuse your knowledge.

  • Absolutely no intentional harm or bullying to others. Help keep yourself and your training partners healthy and free of injury so everyone can continue to train regularly.

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