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Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu


Our Brazilian jiu-jitsu programs offer straightforward prices, world-class instruction, unlimited classes, no contracts, and no promotion fees. Programs are built to accommodate both relaxed and intense student training frequencies.


We don't do long-term contracts or extra fees for belts. We keep it really simple. If you should ever need to temporarily freeze or cancel your monthly dues, simply give 30-days notice. When you are ready for your next belt, there aren't any testing fees, ceremony fees, or belt fees. Call us old-fashioned, but our focus is on developing our students and athletes into competent, skillful jiu-jitsu practitioners, and we believe belts are earned with sweat and skill alone.


All monthly dues include Unlimited classes, and we encourage you to come in and train as often as you'd like.


We strongly advise a minimum attendance of twice per week.


Some students attend twice per week and others attend twice per day – it's entirely up to you and your goals. We encourage frequent attendance since the more you attend class, the faster you learn and the better you become. Most students find themselves quickly becoming addicted to this mentally and physically challenging sport of human chess.


Monthly dues depend on the program: Adult Fundamentals (Gi), Adult Advanced (Gi + No-Gi), and Kids + Teens.


All monthly dues include:

  • Unlimited classes 

  • Access to daily classes (view our 2024 class schedule)

  • Access to all open mats and special sessions

  • No long-term contracts

  • Discounted and free seminars from guest black belt instructors and renowned coaches (such as John Danaher and Tom DeBlass)

  • Automatic billing on a date convenient for you 

Since all our monthly dues include Unlimited classes, the more you attend, the more you get out of it. The majority of our students (your training partners) attend 3-5 times per week, which breaks down to only $7-$14 per class for top-tier Renzo Gracie Brazilian jiu-jitsu and John Danaher submission grappling. View our pricing here.


Our one-time enrollment fee is designed to provide the basics of everything a student needs to attend class, at a discount. 

Adults: $150 one-time enrollment includes a custom Renzo Gracie FUJI Gi, white belt and/or all belts going forward (no promotion/ceremony/testing fees), and fight team decals.

Kids: $120 one-time enrollment includes a custom Renzo Gracie FUJI Kids Gi, white belt and/or all belts going forward (no promotion/ceremony/testing fees), and fight team decals. Please Note: for kids and teens who wear adult sizes, the $150 adult enrollment fee will apply.


Prior to enrolling, we encourage you to take a free trial class.


ADULT Beginners: If you have never taken a jiu-jitsu class before, you will receive a free 30-minute intro class followed by a free regular Fundamentals class on the same day. Your rental gi is included for the free class. Click here to try a free class.

ADULT Belts: If you already have some experience and are a white belt (up to three stripes), you may take any Fundamentals class. Please wear your own gi to class. Those with at least three stripes on their white belt, or those with a color belt, can jump into any Advanced Gi or Advanced No-Gi class. Click here to try a free class.

Kids + Teens: All kids and teens (ages 5-13) may take a one-week free trial of Kids + Teens classes. Classes must be taken within one consecutive week. Click here to register for your child(ren)'s free trial week.


  • No Long-Term Contracts

  • 30-Day Notice to Freeze or Cancel

  • No Required Seminar Fees

  • No Testing or Ceremony Fees

  • No Belt Promotion Fees

  • Seminar Discounts for Enrolled Students

  • Family Discounts on Monthly Dues

  • EMT & Military Discount

  • Welcoming and Friendly Community

  • Most Extensive Class Schedule in Reno

Ready to Give it a Shot?

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